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About SSA

The Singapore Shipping Association (SSA) represents a wide spectrum of shipping companies and other businesses allied to the shipping industry. It is a national trade association formed in 1985 to serve and promote the interests of its members and to enhance the competitiveness of Singapore as an International Maritime Centre. 

To achieve its objectives, the SSA engages and collaborates with the shipping industry key stakeholders and is a trusted advisor and partner to related government agencies. SSA is also actively involved in promoting the interests of shipping in Singapore and internationally. Additionally, the SSA co-operates with other regional and international shipping organizations to protect the marine environment and promote freedom and safety at sea.  Despite being a not-for-profit organization, SSA strives to give back generously on behalf of its members, to the community in Corporate Social Responsibilities activities.

Currently, the SSA represents over 460 member companies; comprising ship owners and operators, ship managers, ship agents and other ancillary companies such as shipbrokers, classification societies, marine insurers, bunker suppliers, maritime lawyers, and shipping bankers amongst others. 


On 29 January 1985, the Singapore National Shipping Association (SNSA) was formed from an amalgamation of the five associations, namely:

- The Singapore Shipping Association (formed in May 1953) which acted primarily for shipowners in the Singapore-Indonesia trade;

- The Singapore Shipowners Association (formed in 1955) which represented the interests of foreign shipping companies involved in the Far East-Europe trade;

- The Singapore Barges and Tugs Association (formed in 1973) which drew its membership from domestic tug and barge operators;

- The Ship Agents and Shipbrokers Association of Singapore (formed in 1978) championed the cause of bona fide shipping agents; and

- The Singapore National Shipowners’ Association (formed in 1979) which represented shipowners and the shipping trade irrespective of the types and services.

Initially located in the NOL Building, the SNSA started with around 135 companies in its membership and comprised mainly of shipowners, ship managers, tug and barge operators and shipping agents.

Singapore’s recession of the mid-1980s resulted government policy changes and establishment of Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and the restructuring of PSA into PSA Corporation Limited, a port and terminal operator.

To support these changes and to better meet the needs of its growing membership, SNSA restructured itself and was renamed the “Singapore Shipping Association”. This enable it to speak with one voice on both domestic and international issues while expanding its membership to ancillary services supporting the maritime industry.

Today, there are over 470 members representing a wide spectrum of shipping companies and other businesses allied to the shipping industry.

Our Mission

1. The Association will protect and promote the interests of its members. It will undertake maritime related activities which are relevant and beneficial to its members

2. The Association will take the view of the maritime industry as a whole.It will play its role to promote the interests of shipping in Singapore and the rest of the world. To do so, the Association will cooperate and actively engage other maritime organisations both locally and globally.

3. The Association will work closely with the Government of Singapore to protect the extensive maritime interests of Singapore and to promote Singapore as a major hub port and International Maritime Centre.

4. The Association will cooperate with governmental and non-governmental organisations to promote freedom and safety at sea and also to protect the marine environment.


1. To protect and to promote the interests of its members

2. To enhance the competitiveness of Singapore as an international maritime centre.


In furtherance of its objectives, the Association undertakes the following activities:

- Monitors developments in the shipping industry that have an impact on the interests of its members.

- Examines how the shipping industry can be further developed in Singapore

- Undertakes "competence building" activities for the shipping industry in Singapore and the region

- Represents its members to the national, regional, international and other relevant authorities

- Co-operates with ASEAN, Asian and other foreign shipping bodies to promote mutually beneficial interests

- Maintains an administrative secretariat to run the Association

- Does all other things as the Association’s Council shall deem necessary to achieve its objectives


The affairs of the Association are managed by a Council comprising of 7 members is elected biennially by the general membership of the Association. The Council Members hold their offices for a term of two years. Among the 7 elected Council Members, they may co-opt up to six (6) Members into the Council, at least 2 of whom must be representatives of Ordinary Members of the Association.

The work of the council is supported by 6 operational committees and the Secretariat. The operational committees looks into specific areas concerning the shipping industry while the Secretariat provides operational support for the association.

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