SSA - Digital Transformation Committee

Mr Teo Teng Seng
Executive Director
Pacific International Lines (Pte) Ltd

The role of the Digital Transformation Committee shall be:

  1. To build thought leadership and guide, facilitate and inspire the digital transformation of SSA members’ businesses
  2. To align SSA with the goals of the Sea Transport Industry Transformation Map and:
  • Contribute to a vibrant innovation ecosystem to drive competitiveness and new growth areas for SSA members
  • Improve productivity by building a highly automated and digital maritime environment for SSA members
  • Develop a future ready maritime workforce by building relevant training programs for SSA members to grow their digital competence
  1. To partner with MPA, CDO, Pier71, SMI, IHLs and other relevant stakeholders to jointly champion the digital transformation of the maritime space
  2. To bring awareness of relevant technology developments that may support the digital transformation of members’ businesses to SSA members through education and outreach. This could be through, but not limited to, the extension of invitations to tech service providers, start-ups and scale-ups to provide industry updates to members of the Committee.  
  3. To collaborate around the development and/or co-creation of industry-wide technology solutions that have the potential to positively impact the business of SSA members.
  4. To liaise with other SSA committees as relevant on matters relating to digital transformation. (e.g. Additive Manufacturing, Drone usage, Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships, Singapore Trade Trust and electronic bills of lading, etc.).


Digital Transformation Committee Members

Jonathan Choo
Allen & Gledhill LLP

Piysu Raj
Alpha Ori Technology Holdings Pte Ltd

Christophe Grammare
Austral Asia Line Pte Ltd

Joyce Goh
Bintang Mas Shipping Pte Ltd

Patric Desanti
BW Maritime Pte Ltd

Tom Anderson
Caledonian Pacific Pte Ltd

Azeez Khan
Cyberlogitec Global Pte Ltd

Capt. Zhao Qingwei
Dasin Holdings Pte Ltd

M Shahrin Osman
DNVGL Singapore Pte Ltd

Kris Ang
Dualog Singapore Pte Ltd

Dan Kwek
Eastern Pacific Shipping Pte Ltd

Chia Thiam Chye
ECL (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Abhishek Singh
Executive Ship Management Pte Ltd

Silvia Bordoni
Fratelli Cosulich Bunkers Pte Ltd

Lars Christiansen
Hapag-Llyod Pte Ltd

Jeremy Holbrook
Hartmann Asia Container Line Pte Ltd

Loh Ngiap Hoe
Hiap Woon Shipping (S) Pte Ltd

Keng Hoe Toh
Inmarsat Solutions Pte Ltd

Kaushil Romi
Keppel Smit Towage Pte Ltd

Ng Ee Ping
Kontiki Shipping Pte Ltd

Lee Jaecheon
Korean Register of Shipping Singapore Branch

Ken Loke
KVH Industries Pte Ltd

YiCheng Liu
Llyod's Register Singapore Pte Ltd

Chua Yeow Keng
Maersk Drilling Holdings Singapore Pte Ltd

Annie Yap
MOL (Asia Oceania) Pte Ltd

Dr Lars Gruenitz
Norstar Ship Management Pte Ltd

Kosuke Wada
Ocean Network Express Pte Ltd

Kuet Ee Yoon
Oceanmaster Engineering Pte Ltd

Juan Gil
OSM Ship Management Pte. Ltd

Bernard Liew
Pacific Carriers Limited

Leslie Yee Wai Mun
Pacific International Lines Pte Ltd

Ronald Toh
PSA Corporation Ltd

Dilip Gajanan Sarangdhar
SeaTech Solutions International (S) Pte Ltd

Akanksha Batura Pai
Sinoda Shipping Agency Pte Ltd

Capt Jacob Damgaard
Tindall Riley (Britannia) Singapore Pte Ltd

Henrik Sleimann Petersen
Ultrabulk Shipholding (Sg) Pte Ltd

Alok Kumar Singh Sisodia
Union Marine Management Services Pte Ltd

Jonathan McLean
Veson Nautical Pte Ltd

Chris Chung
Wartsila Singapore Pte Ltd

Ricardo Puig
Wartsila Voyage Pacific Pte Ltd

Reuben Tan
Wilhelmsen Ship Service (S) Pte Ltd

Ninad S Mhatre
Zeaborn Ship Management (Singapore) Pte Ltd

CyberSecurity Sub-Committee

The role of the CyberSecurity Sub-Committee will be:

• To provide a coherent voice for industry on policy, legislative and technical issues related to cybersecurity, with a particular emphasis on cybersecurity as applied to shipboard systems and the ship/shore interface
• To make representations to government departments and other relevant authorities and industry stakeholders,
• To provide an industry community in which members can share intelligence on best practices, threat trends and development,
• To connect members with industry-wide initiatives; and
• To give members insight into market developments.

Sub-Committee Members

Naveen Selvam
American Bureau Of Shipping

Benji Goh
Austral Asia Line Pte Ltd

Carlo Mojica
Cyberlogitec Global Pte. Ltd.

Mervin Liew
Dualog Singapore Pte Ltd

Richard Lim Beng Huei
Immarsat Solutions Pte Ltd

Ivan Spuntoni
Johnasia Shipping (S) Pte. Ltd.

Lim Hock Lye
Korean Register Of Shipping Singapore Branch

Zhang Fan
Lloyd'S Register Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Geen Panganiban
M3 Marine Group Pte. Ltd.

Chua Yeow Keng
Maersk Drilling Holdings Singapore Pte. Ltd.

Duncan Ng
Mediterranean Shipping Company South East Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Kosuke Wada
Ocean Network Express Pte Ltd

Albert Ser Kian Hong
Pacific International Linces (Private) Limited

Sampaul Singh
Rina Hong Kong Limited Singapore Branch

Andy Lv
SDTR Marine Pte Ltd

Joey Chua Tiong Geh
Seateam Management Pte. Ltd.

Prabjot Singh Chopra
Seatech Solutions International (S) Pte Ltd

Yann Jaubard
Sinarmas Lda Maritime Pte. Ltd.

Adam See Toh
Singapore Telecommunications Limited

Rod Steel
The China Navigation Company Pte Ltd

Andrew Glen
The North Of England Protecting And Indemnity Association Limited Branch Office Singapore

Akshat Arora
The Standard Club Asia Ltd.

Jonathan Mclean
Veson Nautical Pte. Ltd.

Paivi Brunou
Wartsila Singapore Pte. Ltd.

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