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Digital Transformation Committee

Digital Transformation Committee

Digital Transformation Committee

The definition of Digital Transformation is the pursuit of innovative and agile business and operational models – fuelled by evolving technologies, processes, analytics, and talent – to create new value and experiences for customers, employees, and stakeholders.

As such, in alignment with the Sea Transport Industry Transformation Map, the Digital Transformation Committee will seek to help SSA member companies change their business and operating models by leveraging digital capabilities to achieve internal efficiencies, reduce costs and improve their services for sustained growth in the digital economy. The Committee will also work with other SSA Committees to explore and assess the opportunities offered by emerging technologies such as additive manufacturing, autonomous systems, and data analytics.

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Terms of reference

The role of the Cybersecurity Sub-Committee is as follows:

  • to provide a coherent voice for industry on policy, legislative and technical issues related to cybersecurity, with a particular emphasis on cybersecurity as applied to shipboard systems and the ship/shore interface;
  • to make representations to government departments and other relevant authorities and industry stakeholders;
  • to provide an industry community in which members can share intelligence on best practices, threat trends, and development;
  • to connect members with industry-wide initiatives; and
  • to give members insight into market developments.
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ChairmanRichard WagnerRichard WagnerDirector APACCYBEROWL PTE LTD

Terms of reference

SME Digital Initiative Programme (SDIP) objectives are:

  1. Create awareness on the importance of digitalization within the Singapore Maritime ecosystem
  2. Define and develop SSA DIP framework and strategy (Recruit, Acquire, Implement)
  3. Identify, organise and optimise external resources to facilitate the program
  4. Develop a trial and tested program that can be adopted by the maritime industry
  5. Facilitate twelve SMEs to complete SDIP in by the end of 2022


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