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Crew Change Guidebook

News & Publications Crew Change Guidebook

To facilitate the pressing issue of crew change amid the COVID-19 pandemic to keep global trade moving, SSA initiated the formation of a tripartite working group. The Singapore Crew Change Working Group (SGCCWG) comprise members from Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Union leaders from SMOU SG and Singapore Organisation of Seamen (SOS) , as well as industry representatives from Singapore Shipping Association (SSA), The International Maritime Employers’ Council Ltd (IMEC) and World Shipping Council.

The joint efforts and hard work of the SGCCWG over the last few months have come into fruition with the COVID-19 Singapore Crew Change Guidebook and this publication is periodically updated to align with changes in policies and requirements. The shipping community can refer to this document for guidance on how to effect crew change in Singapore amid the global pandemic.

Download The Latest Singapore Crew Change Guidebook