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SME Digitalization Program

SME Digitalization Program

Unlock Your Digital Future with the SME Digitalization Program!

Singapore Shipping Association’s SME Digitalization Program aims to strengthen the digitalization and cybersecurity of small and medium sized enterprises (SME) in maritime industry. Designed to help you identify the right technology provider(s) and suitable government scheme(s), the aim is to help lower your cost of technology adoption. With this programme, navigating the intricate landscape of technology has never been easier – join us to harness digitalization, boost efficiency, and elevate your business to new heights.

What we offer

Working with the SMEs, we will oversee the implementation of digital solutions and encourage businesses to acquire CSA Singapore’s Cyber Essentials mark.


Advisory by Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as-a-service aids in developing a digitisation roadmap, identifying potential solutions for the project, and initiating a project management process.


Advisory by CISO as-a-Service (CiSOaas) Consultants aims to assess and fortify cybersecurity postures.


We will curate relevant training and development activities that aims to equip companies with knowledge and capabilities needed to optimise your IT resources and digital solutions.


A multi-pronged and holistic approach that addresses diverse IT needs of the businesses. This is done by overseeing the company’s digitalization journey from start to finish.

With the expertise of maritime IT professionals from the Digitalisation Committee, the program is not only technically sound but also specifically tailored to the maritime industry.


Access to solution providers during SSA’s Tech and Demo Day, with informative talks on the current technology landscape. SMEs are also exposed to available government grants during these sessions.


The SME Digitalization Programme is open to SSA members who are SMEs. If your company has fewer than 200 employees or generates revenue below 100 million Singapore dollars, you qualify for this transformative initiative.

Join like-minded enterprises and propel your business into the future through digitalization. Don’t miss out on this chance to digitize your maritime business.

For Assistance

For more info please contact Noel Ong: noel@ssa.org.sg