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Young Executives Group (YEG)

The Singapore Shipping Association has initiated a Young Executives Group (YEG) on 1 December 2005. Since then, many young executives from various SSA Member Companies have joined the YEG and the numbers are still increasing. Please click here to see the list of young executives and the companies they represent.

A small group of them have volunteered to form the Protem Core Group which will drive and steer the YEG forward. The YEG is expected to become more active as it develops in the months ahead.

The YEG was officially launched at a cocktail get-together on 16 February 2006 at the J Bar of the M Hotel. More than 100 young shipping executives were invited to attend the event.

The principal objective or terms of reference of the YEG is to serve more as a resource to connect young executives in shipping and maritime related industries to generate greater awareness and participation in the Association’s activities. Through these activities, the YEG aims to nurture future leaders for the maritime industry and the Association. It is also tasked, as and when required, to make appropriate recommendations and comments to the SSA Council as well as to other Committees, Sub-Committees and Working Groups.

This YEG works closely with two presiding SSA Councillors to initiate, develop and implement approved programs to further its activities.

The Councillors will reflect the YEG’s views and interests to the SSA Council for consideration and support.

Prerequisites for YEG Membership:


> Available to all members of the SSA, age group 45 and below.


Under the guidance of the two presiding Councillors, the YEG will ensure that:

> members' wishes are reflected in the operations and programs,

> new young executive members are recruited on a regular basis,

> relevant services are introduced that benefit the members,

> networks are developed that create business opportunities for member companies,

> all other activities to support and achieve the objectives set out in the Terms of Reference.


The Young Executives Working Group will:

> ensure an interesting and relevant series of events and programs catering to the Young Executives take place,

> maintain ongoing contact with other governmental, educational or corporate organizations for suggestions on possible events and speakers,

> elect appropriate venues and price events to meet financial prudence,

> solicit sponsorships for key events.

Application For YEG: Membership

To apply for YEG membership, please download the application form here: YEG Application Form

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