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SSA Digital Vision & Sustainability Programme (DVSP)

National Programmes SSA Digital Vision & Sustainability Programme (DVSP)
SSA Digital Vision & Sustainability Programme (DVSP)

Tech Talk Thursdays - Champions Series

Tech & Talk Thursdays is a platform with specially curated topics and invited speakers to help SSA members keep up discussions on issues and technological solutions in the lead-up to the next SSA Tech & Demo Day. Some of the topics that have been covered include the Just-In-Time Concept, Smart Ship Collaborations, Supply Chain Resilience Post COVID- 19, and disruption & Innovation in Maritime Supply Chains. Digitalisation & Sustainability Champions can tap into Digital Tech Talk Thursdays to learn & share real-life digital transformation journeys with other SMEs and experts from various reputable companies within the maritime ecosystem. Together, they will cover specially curated topics. Under this initiative, SMEs Digitalisation & Sustainability Champion will be trained to engage in the discussions, as part of their digitalisation and innovation mindset growth and development.

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Tech & Demo Day - Champions Series

Tech & Demo Day event aims to help maritime companies catalyse technological innovations by bridging them with (i) the growing start-up community to solve challenge statements, as well as with (ii) the maritime solutions providers to find out what is available in the market. The initiative is also part of SSA’s efforts to support the Sea Transport Industry Digital Plan. Under this initiative, SME Digitalisation & Sustainability Champions will learn through the demonstration of various available digital solutions & technology, & networking opportunities with other champions. Through a series of workshops, the Champions will also be equipped with the tools and knowledge to build capability in executing successful transformation within their organisations.

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Digital Technology Adoption Workshop

Under this new initiative, the appointed SME Digitalisation & Sustainability Champion will actively participate in the development of the organisation’s digitalisation transformation roadmap & implementation plan, according to company-specific digital vision and sustainability requirements. The Champion will be trained to develop his/her capability to strategise the company’s digital and sustainability journey, such as having visibility to both current and future shipping ecosystems that can help improve their business and operations. Subject to eligibility and approval, the Champion will be fully supported by a project manager and consultant(s) to develop the roadmap plans for the organisation. These can, later on, translate into varying degrees of short and long-term digitalisation initiatives for implementation in the organisation. An expert or mentor can also be assigned to the organisation, to support the Champion to kick-start or continue to implement the various transformation processes.

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Sustainability Workshop

Impending sustainability regulations, disruptive technology, innovative business models, and sustainability commitment are changing the maritime landscape and will have a profound impact on the industry. The longevity and profitability of the shipping industry depend on a proactive approach to sustainability and changes to meet new regulations and business demands. Under this new initiative, SME Digitalisation & Sustainability Champions can enroll for a 3-day shipping Business Sustainability Workshop. Their top management can also take part as one of the panel judges to review the sustainability framework that the Champions will be preparing under the guidance of a qualified overseas trainer as well as shipping consultants who will be helping to facilitate the workshop. The workshop also aims to enable the appointed Champion to accompany the digital transition and sustainable development journey of major shipping companies in their community. Together, the industry will be able to develop and support more resilient and sustainable business models.

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